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        Research on the Anchor and Autonomy of China's Economic Development Path
        Date:2012-04-11       From:Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Guo Wanchao

        transition is full of mystery. In the eyes of the economists in the western world, its strategy and measure may be almost at random or carried out with Chinese characteristics. However it implicates profound development principles. Just as the performance it has reflected, the profound theory significance and the extensive impact behind China’s road will be also out of our expectation.


        4. The article “Build up New Economic Development Theory: the Challenge and Contribution of China’s Path to Economics” has been submitted to the Innovational Forum of Marxism Economics and the periodical Economic PerspectivesIn this article the author conveys such ideas: China’s growth is called a miracle in the history of world economy. As expected by many economists, the rapid growth of this country will last for 20-30 years. Thus, how can we explain China’s puzzle? The general answer given by many western economists is that China has carried out the market-oriented reform. Obviously, this answer corresponds with the traditional logic of mainstream western economics which emphasizes that economy growth only depends on the effect of market mechanism of resource allocation. This explanation is too simple. With a more extensive and profound perspective, we may find the fundamental reason why China’s miracle happens and lasts is that it forms an energetic Chinese development road. Although China’s road hasn’t been a mature mode yet, it has displayed its basic framework. This framework is rooted in China’s special political and social soil whose gene is the country’s several thousand years’ culture and history. From this point, China’s transition in the last 30 years is just a marginal reform, and China’s road is a new modern country development road which is totally different from the mode built on western culture. The special track of this road not only challenges the economic theories based on the historical experiences of western developed countries but also provides opportunities for contemporary economic theories to make a leap. First, different from western economic view of human being just a common productive resource, China’s growth creates a people-oriented environment in which people can develop their full potential and creativity. As a worker, human is the most active and revolutionary factor in productivity. Second, compared to the self-regulated economic and social mode in the West, China realized the maximization of the social integral force. This not only reduces the cost of development but also avoids the defects of liberalism economy and society. Third, different from the mechanical comprehension of institution and the radical assertion of growth, based on Marxism practice, China has found a road with harmonious relationships among reform, development and stability by “groping the way across the river”.

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