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        Research on the Anchor and Autonomy of China's Economic Development Path
        Date:2012-04-11       From:Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Guo Wanchao

        essence of successful economic development path. (2) The root of autonomy in China’s economic development path. (3) The meaning of autonomy in China’s economic development path. This article not only provides a new perspective to explore the reason why a country is rich or poor but also avoids the defects of both mechanical theory and single-factor determinism, illustrating the internal mechanism of China’s economic take-off.


        3. The article “The Rising of China’s Road in the Global Perspective”was published on New Horizons No.10, 2011,  which is one of the national Chinese core periodicals. As an important innovation in the modernization process of the world, China’s road though is still growing, will it make a big difference to global economy. With its grand and special tracks, it provides a new model for economic theory. The innovations it brings will enrich economic theory and change the way of thinking of economics to some extent.


        Based on fundamentals, China’s economic practice belongs to the category of economic take-off and transition and its core content consists of industrialization, urbanization and marketization. However, its special features grant the economic theories embodied of great value: (1) As the youngest take-off country in the world, China is gradually integrated into the global economy system. This reflects the latest trends of informationization and economic globalization. So China’s development experiences have universal implications for many different countries. (2) Directed by the most advanced theory Socialism, China’s economic development experiences is not replaceable. (3) The content of China’s economic development is diverse and comprehensive. It provides economic theory innovations with a lot of materials. (4) From 1840 to 1949, China’s economy was semi-colonial and semi-feudal. From 1849 to 1979, it was basically the planned economy and the market economy didn’t develop well. The thirty-year transition is a complete process for the growth of the market economy and this will be the best example for people to review market economy. (5) China has created the biggest miracle in the history of the world’s economy development. There must be many economic rules that have not been recognized. (6) Different from countries belonging to Christianity cultural circle, China’s take-off is an even bigger development in Confucian cultural circle after the rising of Japan and Four Asian Tigers. So it will further help people to recognize the cultural reason for the development of economy.


        There is great depth and width in China’s experiences. Just like China’s revolution, its development and

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