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        Research on the Anchor and Autonomy of China's Economic Development Path
        Date:2012-04-11       From:Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Guo Wanchao

        growth theory. Different from the equilibrium analysis and economic man hypothesis in the west academic circles, this book illustrates the institution growth principles deeply with Marx’s practice thoughts and the practical experience of institution growth in China. (4)Based on the theories above, the book seriously compares the Capitalism mode and the Socialism one, and finally illustrates the possibility and feasibly that China’s development path will become the best mode in the modern world.


        The academic and application value: First, This book made up for both western and Marx’s economy development theory and methodology, helping a lot in solving the economy development puzzle. China’s growth path has provided new issues and fresh materials for economic theory development. These days solving this economy development puzzle has become very popular throughout the world and diverse points of view have been suggested. However, it seems that none of these has universal persuasiveness or influence. So this book wants to provide scholars with a basic framework which can help them recognize the growth path of China. Second, the book provide integral and scientific theory support for the improvement of China’s path, and these theory are also helpful for the developing countries, especially for those less developed countries with Confucian culture. What these countries need most is not the perfect model in western economics but the successful experiences that have been tested by practice in developing countries like China. Third, the theory in the book will also make a big difference to west developed countries. Although the western may not understand or accept China’s path immediately, they can’t neglect some of the useful practice. Joseph E. Stiglitz once said that the “China’s economic development mode” is a very good economic textbook. The rising of China’s path represents a new culture tropism, and it will exert an impact on the western world beyond the economy field itself. At the beginning of the reform and opening up in China, historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee was confident about the development of the country. Martin Jacques also expressed that China would rise in a way different from the western world and this would totally change the thoughts and lifestyles of the westerners.


        2. After reviewed by expert, the article “The Autonomy of China's Economic Development Road” was accepted by the forum of Sinicization of Marxism and embodied in the book The Anthology of Sinicization of Marxism: The Sixty-year Road of New China and Sinicization of Marxism (published by China’s History of The Party Press, December, 2009). This article contains about 10,000 words and consists of three parts: (1) Autonomy, the

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