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        Research on the Anchor and Autonomy of China's Economic Development Path
        Date:2012-04-11       From:Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Guo Wanchao

        The project Research on the Anchor and Autonomy of China's Economic Development Path which has been approved by the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science was started in June, 2009. It’s a 2-year project, and the project number is 09CJL003. The project director is the associate researcher and post-doctor of Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Guo Wanchao. He is also the executive director of the Cultural and Creative Industries Research Center, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences. The project worked out well in the past two years, and now it has been submitted to the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science for the finishing procedures.


        1. The book New Theory of Economic Development: The Rising China's Development Path, which contains about 230,000 words, will be published by the Social Sciences Academic Press (China) soon. Compared with other works, this book has a few distinguishing features. First, with a worldwide vision, this book studies China’s economic miracle and development path in the context of the history process of modern economic growth. Second, this book neither simply introduce western development theory nor Carl Marx’s economic thoughts, instead, it absorbs the virtue of both sides and takes China’s latest economic reform and development practice of the past 30 years into account. As a result, it realizes the combination and innovation of different economic development theories. Third, in theory this book reflects the latest trends of international economic studies, and in methodology, it combines Marx’s method with the western one to study economic development with diverse angles such as Economy, Sociology, Politics, Culture and History.


        Main contributions: This book develops an economic development theory that is totally different from the western one. With rigorous logic and integrated system, this theory has much theoretical and practical significance. (1)The book fully illustrates the human-centric economic development mode. It examines the immanent disadvantage of the object-centric western economic theory and the two paradoxes which occur when it was applied in developing countries like China. Furthermore, the newly developed human-centric theory is totally different from the thoughts of the West. (2)It develops the integral forces thoughts of economic development. Different from the idea of split of economy and society in the west, this book use Marx’s social integrate thought to develop a thought which emphasizes the maximization of the economy development integral force. (3)It puts forward three principles of institution development and forms a dynamic institutional

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