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        With its largest oversea circulations in economic theory, the Economic Research Journal has always been the window through which foreigners learn about Chinese dynamic economic theory and economic operation. Starting from January 2002, it added English abstract and keywords for all articles published in the journal. In November 2008, the journal was first included in EconLit and the website is http://www.econlit.org/journal_list.html#jnlj. This way, people around the world are able to search articles published in the journal through EconLit.


        The journal advertises on economics related books, magazines and journals and publishes information on conferences and meetings for universities and academic research institutes. It now recommends to the readers in influential universities, departments and institutes across China.  We warmly welcome press, newspapers, teaching and research institutions to contact us for details.

        The postal code for the journal is 2-251. Interested parties who cannot subscribe from the local office may subscribe directly from the journal.


        Bank: Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bank, Fuwai Boulevard Branch

        Name: Economic Research Journal Publishing Hous

        A/C: 0200049209024900744


        Through Post Office:

        Economic Research Journal Editorial Board

        No.2 North Street Fuwai Yuetan

        Beijing 100836

        Phone:    (010) 68034153

        Fax:       (010) 68034985

        Email:      jjyjbjb@163.com

        Web:      www.erj.cn/www.cegsw.cn   



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